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Current dates for inspection in the Department Corporate Development.

Registration for the examination

In order to participate in an exam review, you must register bindingly. The registration takes place via the e-learning portal ILIAS. There you have to join the group "Area Corporate Development" (click path: Magazin > WiSo >BWL >Area Corporate Development) and completely fill in the survey matching your exam. After the registration deadline has expired, it is NOT possible to complete the survey and thus register for the examination.

Announcement of the inspection dates

The assignment of the exact dates and times for the inspection will be announced after the end of the registration period by means of a message in the ILIAS system to all students registered for the inspection. If more students register for the inspection than originally expected, either the period of the inspection will be extended or another date will be scheduled.


You have the option of submitting a written request for reconsideration of the evaluation following the inspection. This request must be cogently justified and clearly state the alleged evaluation errors. The evaluation appeal must be submitted to the chair no later than two weeks after the inspection date. The written statement of the examiner can only be based on clearly named assessment complaints. A subsequent correction does not - as is often wrongly assumed - justify a claim to a new review of the entire examination. The only purpose of the re-correction is to correct possible evaluation errors.