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Pre-Correction of Examination Results

In exceptional cases, we can inform individual students before the final grading of all examinations of an examination date whether the examination has been passed. However, the pre-correction can only take place if at the corresponding point in time it is clear and conclusive whether the student has passed the examination or not. It is not possible for us to announce the exact assessment ahead of time.


Pre-correction may be considered in the following exceptional cases:

  • Scholarship Application,
  • Application for a study place abroad
  • Passing the last performance before a successful completion of the bachelor's or master's examination.
  • Application for transfer to a higher semester in another degree program
  • For Incomings prior to the start of classes at their home university due to uncertainty regarding credits yet to be earned.

For an early correction of your exam please send an informal request to In addition to a detailed justification (including supporting documents!), this request should contain your personal data (name, matriculation number, email address, etc.) and the date by which the preliminary correction is required.