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Bachelor thesis

We appreciate your interest in writing your bachelor thesis in the Department Corporate Development.


The allocation of the bachelor theses takes place once per semester in the first enrollment phase via KLIPS. The general deadlines in KLIPS apply. Following the assignment in Klips, you must complete a survey in ILIAS to finalize your application to write the bachelor thesis. For your application to write your bachelor thesis at the chairs of J.Prof. Apffelstaedt (Organizational Economics), Prof. Burmeister (Organization), Prof. Heinz (Strategy), J.Prof. Dr. Hofer (Organizational Behavior*), Prof.Irlenbusch (Business Ethics), Prof. Mona Mensmann (Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship), Prof. Sliwka (Human Resource Management) and Prof. Schwens (Entrepreneurship and Management) within the Department Corporate Development please use this ILIAS link (click path: Magazin > WiSo > BWL > Area Corporate Development > Bewerbungen Bachelorarbeiten in der Area Corporate Development).

After successful application you will be contacted directly by your assigned supervisor. Please note that the start date is not the official registration of the thesis at the examination office. This is preceded by a phase in which you create your research question and outline.


As a requirement for registration of the Bachelor thesis, at least 100 ECTS (at the time of formal registration) must be presented. You can apply in advance if you meet the requirement due to outstanding examination results or credits from abroad by the time of formal registration at the latest. In addition, writing a Bachelor's thesis in the Department Corporate Development is only possible after successful participation in a Bachelor's seminar at a chair of the area. In this seminar, you will write your first seminar paper in a small group and receive specific feedback on your performance. Thereby you can learn the most important requirements for a good scientific paper and gain your first experiences in this field, which you can apply when writing your bachelor thesis. You can find more information on the bachelor seminar page.

If you have had little experience with writing scientific papers, we can recommend that you take the course "Scientific Working Techniques for Economics and Social Sciences". In this course you will be introduced to the working techniques of scientific work, with a focus on bachelor theses, and the basics of scientific criteria. Participation in this course is not a requirement for writing a bachelor thesis, but only a recommendation.


In principle, it is desirable that the candidates suggest topics. The topics of the theses can be very diverse. We are also happy if you bring practical topic ideas, especially in cooperation with a company.


After a successful application for a place, a member of the Department staff will be at your side as a supervisor during the entire processing time. After an agreement with your supervisor, the topic of your thesis will be determined. You will then be asked to register with the Examinations Office. The processing time is usually 12 weeks.

Submission of the thesis to the examination office

The paper must be submitted to the examination office within the set deadline. The submission takes place digitally via the WiSo-Inbox. Please note the current requirements of the examination office.

Further information

A bachelor thesis must not exceed 25 pages in the main text. Including appendix and indexes, the thesis can contain up to approx. 50 pages. Please use our binding format template. In addition, some chairs welcome the writing of the thesis in English.

Please refer to the current examination and study regulations from the examination office.

If you have any further questions about thesis work in the Corporate Development area, please feel free to contact the secretariat at


* Applications are only possible in winter term!