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J.Prof. Dr. Arno Apffelstaedt

Work and Research Interests

  • Behavioral Economics
  • Experimental Economics
  • Industrial Organization
  • Political Economy


Curriculum Vitae

Arno Apffelstaedt is Juniorprofessor at the Juniorprofessorship of Organizational Economics. Before working in the Area Corporate Development as a post-doc, he received his doctoral degree in Economics from the University of Hamburg. 
He spent part of his graduate studies as a visiting Ph.D. student at the Berlin Doctoral Program of Economics and Management Science, as a Visiting Research Student at the London School of Economics, and as a Visiting Scholar at Harvard University.
He is an aeronautical engineer by training and prior to pursuing a career in economics, he was a research engineer at the German Aerospace Center (DLR).

Working Paper

Selected Publications