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Cooperation Opportunities

Research projects with companies

We enjoy working with companies to evaluate the impact of HR instruments on employee behavior and perceptions as well as on economic success. Our main focus is on the analysis of personnel data and especially on the implementation of field experiments (A/B tests) in companies. We recommend a final thesis with a company especially if there are contacts to employees with far-reaching management responsibilities. Experience has shown that this increases the likelihood of a smooth implementation of the thesis. If you are interested, please contact office-cd(at)


Teaching related cooperations

As part of the teaching-related cooperation, our students answer a business-related question relevant to your company. Your company benefits from the opportunity to get to know potential employees from the master's program of a renowned university in a real work situation and to bind them to your company. Basically, we offer you two ways of cooperation in the teaching context:


Business Projects

Within a Business Project in our Master's program, a team of 4-6 students works together with a company to develop solutions to a current practical problem. During the project period of three months, the team is supervised by the company and an academic staff member of the University of Cologne, who evaluates the students' performance relevant to their studies. The aim of the project is to link business theory and practice in a meaningful way. Within the framework of the project, the students should gain practical experience, apply their existing professional skills and answer a business-relevant question for a company.

Final theses in companies

We regularly supervise Master's students' theses on issues of organization and corporate development or on human resources issues together with companies. Of particular interest here are questions that shed light on a current problem in this area. Practical questions of personnel management can also be addressed with quantitative methods. It is of central importance that the availability and usability of data and methods is checked in advance with the student and the supervisor.
Further information can be found on our page regarding theses.